Minecraft Buddy

While none of you were looking, I sneakily began playing Minecraft, got tired of switching out from fullscreen to view crafting recipes, and thus created a simple iPhone app called Minecraft Buddy. It lists all of the craftable recipes in a sort of free-form, searchable list (with vague categories). It’s a pretty simple app, but it was my first foray into Core Data, Apple’s way of handling databases. If you haven’t already heard about Minecraft, check it out. It’s a little difficult to explain without making it sound boring, but it’s basically an open sandbox world where you can craft items, mine blocks, and create fantastical structures and, more recently, circuitry. Try explaining that to people and they’ll scoff at you, but show them a demo, and they’ll want to watch you play for hours. Oh, and after you get sick of having to switch out from fullscreen, please check out Minecraft Buddy. It’s free and apparently semi-popular:

In the top 200 for utilities.

I haven’t updated it yet to reflect the recent Halloween Minecraft update, but I’ll get to it as soon as I have some time.